There may appear two more national cryptocurrencies in the world - cryptoruble and cryptopound: as it became known, Russia and the United Kingdom are actively developing their own virtual cu...
On Wednesday, December 27th, there was another hardfork in the network of the world's largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which resulted in a new branch, Bitcoin God, separation. The founder of ...
On Thursday, there was a correction on the cryptocurrency market: almost all currencies decreased up to 10% or even more. This affected both the most popular Bitcoin currency on one hand and...
South Korean online cryptocurrency exchange Youbit filed for bankruptcy and closed due to a powerful hacking attack on December 19th, 2017. As a result, Internet scammers stole about 17% of ...


Cryptocurrency Rating

Cryptocurrencies conquer the world at an unprecedented rate. People started getting interested in it very actively, especially after the most popular...

What a cryptocurrency is

The word "cryptocurrency" can be heard everywhere: there are daily news online on the growth or fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate or the creation of...



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