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What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual (or digital) currency, which exists only as a combination of codes on the Internet. It cannot be cashed in the form of ordinary coins or notes, but it is possible to pay for various goods and services online using it.

Cryptocurrency is based on the technology of data encryption, which ensures the protection and anonymity of each user. The cryptocurrency system is a decentralized database - a blockchain. All the systems are equal between themselves, the cryptocurrency is not controlled by the central bank, and this fundamentally differentiates it from traditional world currencies.

The digital currency has already conquered not only the Internet users, but also the global financial market. The largest banks offer deposits and accounts in the cryptocurrency, and the Chicago Stock Exchange, CME Group, and the CBOE exchange have already opened a Bitcoin future trade. Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, available now and you can make money on it!

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Why is trading more profitable than buying cryptocurrency and mining?

Fantastic popularity of cryptocurrencies has become the reason for the active growth of their prices. For example, Bitcoin grew 15 times in 2017! How to grasp the opportunity and not lose the profit? There are three ways: mining, buying cryptocurrency and trading.

Mining is a process of computer generation of a unique code assigned to a cryptocurrency unit. But this requires a very powerful and expensive equipment, which will cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars! And getting the cryptocurrency becomes more and more difficult each passing day because of the fact that the number of miners is constantly growing, that´s why this way is not the most profitable.

The purchase of cryptocurrencies on online exchanges is also not always profitable: investing in digital currency is good only when its price grows. And what will happen in case of a collapse of quotations? Then the investments can be completely depreciated! In addition, to purchase you need a solid start-up capital - at least several hundred dollars, which is not suitable for beginners.

And trading has many advantages:

  • Firstly, you can earn both on increase and decrease in the price of the cryptocurrency: the main thing is to choose the right direction of the transaction.
  • Secondly, you will not need expensive equipment, just a regular computer and an online platform.
  • Thirdly, even with a small starting capital, you have the opportunity to make a profit, as far as transactions can be made from $ 10.

How to start earning money on the cryptocurrency?

Everything is very simple! Use our rating and select a broker, get registered and open a trading account. Refill the account and start making transactions on the cryptocurrency - predict the growth or decline of any digital currency available in the trading platform and get an easy profit in case of a correct forecast!

How to choose a cryptocurrency broker?

Our rating includes the best brokers in the cryptocurrency trading. You can find the ratings and read the traders´ reviews about the companies represented in the rating. You can also learn about different offers proposed by each company: a trading platform, a number of cryptocurrencies, a minimum deposit, profitability of transactions, leverage, etc. Compare, evaluate and make the right choice!


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