Privacy policy

The website (hereinafter the "Site") provides exclusively informative services that cannot be used as a guide to action. The User of the Site is responsible for the risks associated with the use of the information posted on the site.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Site Administration reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at its discretion due to any changes in the data protection legislation. Use of the materials of the Site means the user's consent to any changes and / or updates. In case of changing the order and reasons for collecting user data, the administration of the Site will notify users as soon as possible, and the user has the right to agree or disagree with such changes.

Receiving and processing of the user´s personal data

The Site receives the user's personal data when registering the user on the Site and / or when the user agrees to receive advertising information (mail, stock notifications, etc.) from the Site. Personal data of the user means one´s name, e-mail, phone, date of birth and other information directly or indirectly related to the user. All data is provided by the user voluntarily.

The site can also collect non-personal information, such as the pages visited by the user, the number of visits, the user´s country and region, the operating system and the user's browser. These data can be retrieved using cookies and other web beacons.

The site has the right to process the users´personal data for the following purposes:

  • to provide the user with certain services
  • for processing user requests for obtaining different kinds of information
  • to identify the user
  • for user participation in promotions
  • for statistical analysis and marketing research
  • for compliance with the legislation

The site also guarantees that the processing of the user´s data is carried out within the framework of the current legislation and does not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of the user. The terms of storage of personal data of users do not exceed the time required to achieve the above mentioned goals.

Privacy Policy

The Site undertakes to take all necessary measures to protect user´s data so that it does not become available to third parties, except as required by law. Personal data of the user may be available for review and processing only by the administration of the Site and specialists who work for the Site. The Administration of the Site provides control and protection of the user's personal information in order to protect it from unauthorized receipt and disclosure by third parties.

User's rights regarding personal data

The user has the right to make changes to his personal data at any time. The user should keep in mind that if he does not notify the site administration after changing personal data, he will not be able to make full use of the services of this Site.

Protection of the rights of minors

The information and services of the Site are intended for persons who have reached the full majority age. The user who provides the Site with his personal data, thereby confirms that he has reached the legal age. The Administration of the Site has the right to refuse minors in providing services.


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