IX Wallet


IX Wallet is an innovation among cryptocurrency wallets. This product allows you to earn profits by simply storing finds in the wallet. Main idea behind IX Wallet is to reinvent traditional saving system by utilizing modern technological advances and generate a distinctive passive income stream.

Simply said, IX Wallet is your new wallet for cryptocurrencies with zero commissions for deposits/withdrawals. Wallet features a multi-cluster blockchain system architecture to ensure complete security and transparency of transactions.

Main principle is straightforward:

Deposit money to account — generate passive income. This is called “profit sharing” concept and we offer 9 to 20.5% monthly interest depending on HOLD Balance category. However, it’s not the only way to turn profits.

IX Wallet is brought to you by the Management and Development Team behind such projects as Stratis ICO, Binance and BNCEX, a team of individuals well experienced to create a real secure Decentralized Bank.

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