Cryptocurrency Rating

1st place - Bitcoin

This is the very first cryptocurrency created in 2009. The Bitcoin won its first place in the cryptocurrency rating due to the largest capitalization - more than $ 100 billion. Furthermore, bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency, which currently reached $ 20,000 per coin. Bitcoin has received the greatest distribution and is most often used as a means of cryptocurrency online transactions. Payment in BTC is accepted by many corporations and large online stores, and it is expected that the spectrum of bitcoin in the future will only expand. In addition, there are bitcoin futures on the stock exchange already, which only add advantages to the cryptocurrency.

2nd place - Ethereum

This cryptocurrency rating also rose in 2017 and some experts already consider it as number one due to the fact that it has risen in price by almost 400 times. However, ETH still lags behind bitcoin in terms of capitalization and areas of application. By the way, there are rumors the leaders of such global corporations as Apple, Microsoft and Google are among the creators of Ethereum.

3rd place - Litecoin

Created in 2011, the Litecoin cryptocurrency was in the shadow of its competitors for long time. However, 2017 was also a year of changes turningis currency: a new LiteNet network was developed, thanks to which the cryptocurrency began to work much faster. This allowed Litecoin to gain popularity and the 3rd place in the ranking.

4th place - Dash

The cryptocurrency rating would be incomplete without Digital Cash - this is the full name of this cryptocurrency. The advantage of dash is its high anonymity and almost no chance of tracking any transactions with this currency. The Dash rate grew from 9 to 200 dollars in 2017, which is also very impressive.

5th place - Zcash

This cryptocurrency is also called ZeroCash and its release took place in 2016. This currency also reliably protects the privacy of users, which makes it very popular. It is noteworthy that the rate of ZCash is almost independent from fluctuations in the prices of other cryptocurrencies: the Zcash is kept apart and its current price is a bit more than $ 500.

Let's briefly mention other cryptocurrencies from the rating: Bitcoin Cash (one of the latest bitcoin hardforks) occupies the 6th place, IOTA - the 7th place, Ripple – the 8th place, Monero – the 9th position and Nem cryptocurrency - the 10th one.

Top cryptocurrencies can change as far as digital money is actively developing. However, regardless of place in the ranking, you can earn on any cryptocurrency equally quickly and simply by predicting the fluctuations in their quotes.

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